Thursday, August 30, 2007

First Blog - Showdown Academy Information

This is my first blog post for Showdown Academy (SDA), an indie fighting game currently in developement... and about to get its first release to the public. The game is still in its very rough stages, but hopefully its a good enough start...

So to get the blog off on a good start, here's a screenshot of the game in its current state:

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The screen will most likely be smaller, maybe around 400x300 in future versions.
And if that isn't enough, here's a clip of some of the music I've done for the game:

The music probably won't end up in this first demo, but I hope its enough to show off what it will be like.

I'll get up more info on the fighting system later on. You can check out more at the forums, which there is a link to on the side of the page.

- GStick

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