Sunday, March 30, 2008

Demo v2.3


SDA Demo v2.3 has been uploaded.

The game has 2 download files, one containing game files and the other containing all of the sounds. The sounds are not needed to play the game.

Showdown Academy Demo v2.3

Hope you enjoy this demo.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just A Small Bit Of Info


I wanted to make a quick update on what is going on, since its been a while.

The game is getting better and better all the time, really. I've improved sounds once again, added in the Super Meter (which gets used, but no Super Moves are in the game yet). And quite a bit of minor changes have been made.

This is why I have decided to release a minor update to SDA v2. The release will probably be in the form of v2.3, but there are a lot of nice little changes that have been made in the game, as I already stated, here's a nice list of what has been finished:

- Removed some annoying sound problems
- Added in some new graphics effects, including some Lifebar improvements
- Gave Jiro some new jumping animation and fixed up others
- Graphically improved character select screen and new character portraits
- Added in "Defensive Rolling". This allows the player to roll forward after being knocked down before standing up. The roll actually ends in a crouching up animation rather than the player's usual get up animation. Performing a "Defensive Roll" costs 10 Guard.
- Added the possibility for characters to have different health amounts. The average is 100, both Aroon and Jiro have the default amount though
- Gave Aroon and Jiro some move tweaks in various areas
- Super meters
- Improved some areas dealing with the way projectiles are handled
- A temporary menu screen (only option available will be "fight")
- Slightly improved load time
- The game now uses GM7 rather than the GM6 engine. Along with this, sounds are now loaded from external files, some sounds have also been changed or improved
- The Collision Hitbox (black; "Posbox") now turns red whenever that player is in the air
- A screen shake when the character's fall. Bouncing causes a "2" shake, the final slam causes a "4", Normal attacks also cause a small amount of screen shake (1)
- Added a little bit more hit pause on a successful hit, bringing in the damage a move does into the calculation, hit pause no longer occurs on a successful throw
- Included an option that allows for the game's process priority to be set within the options file
- Made some of the animations more equal between Aroon and Jiro (such as get up speed, fall speed, etc)
- Vastly improved throws. Throws are now properly performed while holding either left or right and pressing both CP and CK at the same time. Pressing forward before is no longer needed to perform the throw, except this makes dashing before a throw useless unless forward or back is held after the dash. The throw will be performed in the direction held (left or right)
- Fixed some problems that occured during hit pause
- Adjusted quite a bit of Jiro's damage values on his attacks, as well as some of Aroon's (no longer all the same damage values, in general, Jiro deals a bit less damage)
- Fixed a bug that causes moves to stop working