Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Release Date


Things have been going a little slower than before, but we're still making progress. I've been working on improving my spriting so that I can help out with the graphics, and I need to rewrite the blocking and jumping sections of the code before release.... so I'm pushing Demo 2 back to January. Kazuma will hopefully be included in Demo 2 with Aroon and Jiro.

One thing that I have certainly been working on: fixing a crap load of bugs. I've already fixed quite a few small ones, but now the bigger ones are starting to stand out even more... this is why I'm going to rewrite the blocking and jumping code. Hopefully it will remove some of the bugs.

I've also been adding in small features such as external music support (very basic) and volume control (also pretty basic at this point). I wanted to have the sounds pan to according to the location of the view, but it was taking up needed time for other areas so I decided to go simple and just pan the sounds to the size of the stage.

Simple juggling will be included in Demo 2, probably with loads of infinites. We'll iron out the juggle system as we get further in development... Characters will also have more complete movesets, not entirely but they'll have much more attacks to use than in Demo 1. Aroon has 4 specials and 3 or 4 command normals on top of his 12 basic attacks planned for Demo 2. Jiro will have 3 specials: An "Electricity" special with 2 distances (same speed), a "Fake" version of that move which ends his animation early without throwing a projectile, and an anti-air attack performed by pressing 623+P (Forward, Down, Down-Forward + Either Punch)

I hope having a release date of January will allow me to work in peace without having to worry about whether or not it will be done.