Thursday, May 29, 2008



Showdown Academy now makes use of FMOD, an audio library used in games like Metroid Prime and Guitar Hero.

This has extended the capabilities of audio in SDA considerably, and should provide a better overall fighting experience! Sound effects are now saved and loaded as FLAC files, and the game's music will be saved and loaded in the OGG format.

Information on both formats can be found on Wikipedia: FLAC - OGG Vorbis

We've been busy with a lot of the SDA development, the fighting engine in particular has made a lot of small advancements. But that's for a later date. :)


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Some Good Fucking Grooves


Haven't posted in weeks, but thats because I've been busy.

Fixing bugs.

Thats about all thats been going on in the programming department, character changes have been going on too but not much else than that. Some bugs that have been fixed have been pretty major, so that should make everyone happy. :]

But mainly this post is for some more music samples, two 30 second samples back to back in one file...

- SDA Minute Sampler -

Couldn't use the same player I used last time because that site is apparently going through maintenance or something. But there it is. The first clip is a remixed version of the "Kick Your Ass" track for the game that I put up on MySpace a while back. Decided to go ahead and call it "Kick More Ass". The second is something entirely new, and quite a bit more laid back.