Monday, December 17, 2007

Yet Another Progress Update...

Been a lot of work going on, and it definitely hasn't been a waste of time. I've fixed a lot of really small bugs that have made the game unplayable in the past... but this certainly doesn't mean that they're all gone. I'll slowly be fixing them as new features get added into the game. Many bugs have been fixed just because something new has been added. The biggest fix: Can hold Up to jump now rather than just press, and blocking no longer causes a permanent stun (as it did in an unreleased demo).

Many more small changes have been made to tighten up Aroon and Jiro move and ability wise, some of which include: Aroon's arsenal allows him to get in quickly despite his very un-agile movement while Jiro can wait and get in fast when the time is right. Jiro can wall jump, Aroon cannot. Jiro and Aroon have very different dashing abilities, and their jumping and walking is now just slightly different. Aroon's Forward Knee and Air Forward Knee combinations make him a very hard opponent to close in on. Aroon has a brand new Fireball as well.

Jumping is much more smooth and accurate now, as part of the code has been rewritten. Some of it still remains to be rewritten in a later update... however it won't be done anytime soon. I've started work on character select, but have no idea when it will be complete.

The biggest new addition however, is damage. Attacks now do REAL damage, and there are two damage scaling systems in the game. System 1 is a life scaling system, which decreases the amount of damage your character does as your opponent's life goes down. System 2 is a combo scaling system, which decreases the amount of damage as the number of hits in a combo increases. So far these two systems seem to keep damage in-check, and the high damage game play really seems to keep things fast paced.

I'll keep working, hopefully that mid-late January release date doesn't come too soon.



blog do manoel said...

The game is getting better now, I liked the damage systems. I hope the jump have improved a lot, 'coz for me it looks like the worst thing in the game yet. Looks like you finished Jiro and Aroon moves, am I right? Oh, and what about the alternative colours for the chars, like Jiro x Jiro?

Keep the good work ;)

GStick said...

Aroon and Jiro's moves still have a ways before their planned moves are in the game... and even then they'll receive constant tweaking, as will every other character.

Alternate colors won't be included for a while... but I am working on an option that will be available anytime alternate colors aren't. I'll have more info in the next post when I've got more done to tell about.