Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Still Working

There's been quite a few more good comments on v2.3a than any other release, we must be going in the right direction.

But we can't stop there, and I've been working on the game just as hard as always. All of the Close and Long versions of specials moves do different damage from each other now, and High and Low Blocking finally works the way it should. High Blocks can block Standing and Jumping attacks (and high projectiles), Low (Crouching) Blocks can block high, low, and jumping attacks. Wish I would've added this in a long time ago, the game feels so much better already.

Projectiles now have "variable" cancel properties. If the projectile hits successful, the move can be canceled out of at an earlier point. We'll see how this gameplay element turns out down the road.

Characters should now face the right direction after jumping over the opponent more often now, still have to keep working on this to get it 100% though.

A few sprites have been replaced and others have been added, some have been edited as well. Some attack hitboxes that had some problems before are now fixed, some move properties have changed. There was a bug in v2.3a and below that I just now caught, that caused Jiro to stop moving whenever the CTRL key was held down. One of the knockdown sounds isn't so loud anymore either, and getting up has been slowed down. Some Guard/Super buildup has been adjusted and Jiro's throw damages have too...

But I think my favorite addition after the release of v2.3a is the new hit effects. They're not really new, but the hit effect isn't always yellow anymore. It can be around 16 shades from yellow to red depending on the attack's base damage.

I'll post again about week, maybe two from now with more updates.


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