Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Well, Its Been A Week

After a week of working, I've got some new updates. *Yay*

I'll start with the most important change. Before, jumping was... well, not all that great. It was alright, but really didn't feel all that good and was an odd speed and all that. But I've fixed all of that by redoing the jumping physics. They're no longer based on weird formulas and are much simpler now. I started with the juggle physics (which definitely feel a lot better than the old jumping), made a few easy changes, and I had the new jumping. Can't wait for everyone to try that out.

And for the smaller changes... A quick move adjustment for Aroon was put it, which ends his Air Forward Knee into a forward motion (whether you jumped back, straight up or whatever) rather than going back to the jumping motion you were in before hand. Aroon's Forward Knee and Dash Attack behave a bit different than before due to some small adjustments combined with the new jumping physics (since both the LK version of his Forward Knee and the DA ended in the air). I've got some new sounds in the game as well, fixed a few bugs that finally surfaced due to new code and of course edited a few sprites.

I may post again with another music demo sometime in the near future, hopefully SDA Demo 3 will become just as big of an improvement as the second was over the first.


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